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Ps. Paul Edlin - Prayer Changes Everything

Sunday the 11th of June 2023

Join us as Ps Paul concludes our series on Prayer.

Today Ps Paul will be speaking on a message titled "Prayer changes everything."
Perhaps the two greatest weaknesses in the church today are the areas of prayer and praise. This morning's text is James 5:13-18. Here, James encourages us to come freely and boldly in prayer to share with Him all our needs.

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Ps. Paul Edlin- Money, It all belongs to God

Sunday the 18th of June 2023

Join us as Ps Paul preaches this mornings message.

Most people are willing to share about their deepest personal issues/needs/challenges. But when it comes to discussing their money, I've often been told 'I'm happy to discuss anything, but when it comes to my money, well that's between me and God.'

This morning we will look more closely at how Scripture addresses this important issue.

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